Make a list of formal and informal greetings in english

Subjects: Some informal ways or terms used while greeting friends or near ones: Hi, Hey! The way of greeting and importance remains the same the only difference here is from formal greeting is you can be a little relaxed and not be very disciplined while greeting. Hi; Hey; What’s up; Nice to meet you; Pleased to meet you; It’s a pleasure; Going Beyond Hello All of the words and phrases above are simply variations of “hello

    شجرة الاردن التي جلس عندها النبي ص
  1. “Morning!” (A more casual way of saying “Good morning”) 9
  2. I look forward to hearing from you
  3. 6 Small Talk 1
  4. Informal
  5. Jul 21, 2020 · Formal and Informal Emails: Greetings
  6. How is it going? How are you doing? Good to see you
  7. Informal
  8. Example (Formal): I must finish this as soon as possible
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